unkissed unloved unwanted me

Hey, this is another normal and boring tumblr page...
I'm Fabi from Germany, 19 years old, boy
#LOST #ForEverAlone
'A winner is a dreamer who never gives up!'
Ariana Grande Butera is my girl
Madeline Juno Juno is my solution for every heart broken moment
the girl I loved the most left me... I think I'll always be heartbroken about her
Download my game 'VictoriousJump' here

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I like that the words “knit” and “woven” are used in Psalm 139. You were not simply spoken into existence as God did with the earth. You have been hand crafted and beautifully put together. God spent time making you who you are. And there is nothing worthless about you.

(via proverbs31v25)